DS23 Cooperation with Mrs. Marta is great pleasure. Enormous knowledge, knowing the current trends in HR, created relevant comments and remarks on development of my career. Mrs. Marta’s selflessness restores faith in people. I would highly recommend working with Mrs. Marta in many areas of Personnel Management.
Dawid Smoliński, HR


 DS23 Marta is a person who is both professional and devoted in personnel issues. She has modern approach to consulting associated with change of job and career path. She is helpful and very engaged to her work, what is impressive, and it is an important support for those who want to develop their career. She can build good relations and honestly talks about predispositions of the person, what makes you trust her. She is very innovative and knows current career trends.
Marika S, Analytic


 DS23 I worked with Marta to change my career path. I am not from Warsaw, we worked mainly by e-mail, Skype and phone. I always could count on her professionalism but also realism. Marta gave me challenges and engaged me in every part of the work. She helped me to realize that any of us is the creator of our own career path and it is me who decide on how quickly I will achieve my goal. That experience helped me to check also other areas of life and determine my individual plan of action. Thank you
Beniamin K, banking


DS23 Thanks to the cooperation with Ms. Marta I got a lot more confident, I began to approach the situation differently and professional life. In my particular case, there was also improvement in self-awareness, skills-oriented activities and the strengthening of motivation when looking for work. I am sure that further cooperation will achieve my intended purpose.
Janusz Jednorowski, industry translations


DS23 Marta Szyszkowska shown complete professionalism, commitment, openness, willingness to help. Consultation, talking, fully professional look from the outside built strengths of my people. Ms. Marta, draws attention to the many advantages, strengths and advantages in the field of career counseling. I recommend Mrs. Martha as a very good professional advisor.
Anna N, the insurance industry