resumeLet yourself be hired, or

how to prepare a brief and interesting CV to make our dreams come true!

The greatest difficulty while looking for a job is the fact that a number of candidates apply for one occupation. That is why you have to convince your potential Employer to choose precisely you. CV is the course of our career, education, experience put in a nutshell which gives the recruiter an idea of what kind of person we are. This is the first stage of the selection of candidates, so do anything we can to pass it successfully.

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10 ways to take your employer to you during the job interview, so eat that frog

A job interview is an interview with certain premises and goal.
Recruiter assume that the other party will do anything to make the best possible impression, and can slightly idealize his or her image. On the other hand, the recruited person assumes that the interlocutor filters given information and tries to get through the self-presentation candidates use. So let us try to prepare well to it and study those few advices.

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